Partner Scheme

Partners are important to us, so we’d love to hear from you. We already have a number of partners re-selling or referring customers into us and we like to think in all cases that we treat every referral as a valued customer and pride ourselves on customer service and just being a nice bunch of people to work with.

To join our partner and re-seller scheme you can either give us a call on 0203 985 9089 or join up below using the form. If you’re interested in simply referring 1 or 2 leads per year then our ‘Refer a friend’ scheme might be more suited to you, so have a look here.

How it Works

1. Send us details of the business you want to introduce (Using the form below).

2. We’ll call them and one of our experts will assess their needs and identify the right products for their business.

3. We email them a detailed quote.

4. We collect KYC docs and following a 5 minute call we send a completed application for signature via an email link.

Partner Referral Fees

Our referral fees vary by partner type. For independent resellers we offer an up front fee that varies by product type. For larger partners we have a slightly different plan and this can be tailored to your needs. Call us to find out more 0203 985 9089.

Some partners choose not to take any fees and we’re happy to turn this into a charity donation in these instances. We already give a percentage of our profits to ocean conservation charities, so a little more always helps!

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Lead Referral

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